Citizens To Protect Mission Viejo was established for one reason:

Protecting our exceptional quality of life enjoyed in the place we call home.

Unfortunately, one of our elected leaders has chosen to ignore our commitment to public safety, education, recreation for our kids, and a strong business community.

That elected official is Cathy Schlicht.

But you don't have to take our word for it. Take Miss Schlicht's word for it. The statements and videos on this page are all taken from City Council Meetings or Miss Schlicht's website.

Cathy Schlicht in a tin foil hat
Cathy Schlicht.

Does Cathy Schlicht Represent Your Values?

You Be The Judge…

“I would rather give the state our money…” What? Cathy wants to send more Mission Viejo taxpayer dollars to Sacramento? Out…Of…Touch…

“I questioned the need for so many [School Resource Officers and school crossing guards]…The city should not be involved in school security…. I am just thinking differently.” That’s right, Cathy, you are thinking differently…differently from mothers and fathers who count on schools being the safest place for their kids outside the home.

"I don’t like [DUI] checkpoints…” Mothers Against Drunk Driving – or MADD – calls DUI checkpoints “one of the most effective ways to reduce drunk driving.” But Cathy Schlicht opposes them.

“Let’s start with the Kids Factory after school program…maybe we can have less locations.” We need more programs for our kids, not less. Period.

“The discussion of selling the library…that would mean a private organization would run it for us.”Parenting Magazine just voted the MV Public Library as the best in South OC. Cathy wants to sell it.

“I think it’s irresponsible...If we want to protect the health and safety of kids maybe we shouldn’t have sports, then.” No sports for kids? No A.Y.S.O.? No Nadadores? Exercise and fun are bad for our kids?

“These roundabouts [at Oso and Marguerite] would be quite successful.” Except they’d require taking land from private property owners, including Presbyterian Church of the Master.

“I am personally opposed to a dog park.” Actually, dog parks are for the people. They are another way of meeting your neighbors and building community. And they do make for happier dogs.