Protect Mission Viejo

Looking Out For Our Exeptional Quality Of Life

  • Mayor Pro Tem Dave LecknessDave has always been enthusiastic about life in Mission Viejo and pledges he'll help to protect and enhance it.
  • Council Member Rhonda ReardonRhonda has proven to be committed to our fantastic quality of life in Mission Viejo. She will work to protect that and lead us down enriching paths.
  • Commissioner Wendy BucknumWendy is the only non-incumbent with experience at the city leadership level. “I’m running because I’ve been involved.” - Wendy Bucknum

Do You Like Mission Viejo?

If the answer is yes then vote for Bucknum, Leckness, and Reardon. They have been keeping the value of our homes strong, because they've helped create a beautiful city where people want to move in order to raise a family in a safe environment. They believe in building a community where we all enjoy sports, the arts, and everything else our beautiful city offers.